Below are case studies that illustrate some of the many successes HailSolve has had in helping clients mitigate hail risk and create value for their business.  From retail plazas to large industrial properties, HailSolve's knowledgeable team is able to help clients effectively navigate complicated processes and situations to restore and protect valuable commercial real estate assets.  

HailSolve Uncovers $846,805 of Hail Damage On Client's Property

HailSolve identified latent hail damage to the client's property and a claim was filed.  The carrier subsequently denied the claim over the scope of loss, taking the position that the damage was caused by age.  

HailSolve Confirms Date of Loss,
Client Receives $303,252 Settlement

HailSolve identified latent hail damage on client's asset and a claim was filed.  The carrier denied the claim based on both the scope of loss and date of loss. 

Client Hires HailSolve, Receives $1.2 Million Settlement

ISA had used four different carriers over the span of five years.  This situation made investigating the date of loss on their seven damaged assets difficult and required an expert like HailSolve to manage.   

HailSolve Overcomes Denial, Resulting In $361,000 Settlement For Client

Five years prior to HailSolve's involvement, Dahlem filed a claim which resulted in only a small settlement.  Unbeknownst to them, the extent of the loss was much greater. 

Stay Informed. Be Prepared.

Discover the risk and the value opportunities that exist within your portfolio related to hail damage. Knowing this information could save millions of dollars for an organization.