Dahlem Enterprises, Inc.

HailSolve Overcomes Denial, Resulting In $361,000 Settlement For Client


Dahlem Enterprises, Inc.

Jim Dahlem, President 


The Dahlem Company is a third generation family business that specializes in the acquisition, development, leasing and management of retail shopping centers and office space in Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia.

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Five years prior to HailSolve's involvement, Dahlem filed a claim which resulted in only a small settlement.  Unbeknownst to them, the extent of the loss was much greater. 


Despite discrepancies with the carrier, HailSolve was able to prove the extent of the damage was greater than the original settlement.

HailSolve added $361,000 

of value to the client's portfolio.

HailSolve's Construction Management team designed a solution that met the client's goals to restore this property.  

Property Details

Asset: Dahlem Center
Location: Louisville, KY
Date of loss: March 2012
Hail size: 4"
Roof type: EPDM, TPO, Metal
Settlement: $361,000
Date of Settlement: December 2018

In March 2012, a severe hail storm pummeled the greater Louisville, KY area with hailstones that exceeded 4” in diameter. Dahlem Enterprises identified damage to one of their retail assets, Dahlem Center. After filing a claim, the carrier agreed to cover damage to the asset's HVAC units.


In 2017, Dahlem partnered with HailSolve and the claim was reopened.  The carrier met with HailSolve onsite but did not agree with the extent of the damage nor the event date. Subsequently, HailSolve assembled a team including third party experts to overcome the discrepancies.   After analyzing the damage and historical weather data, the third party experts submitted  reports that supported HailSolve's position on both the extent of loss and date of loss.  


When presented with this new evidence the carrier agreed to continue negotiations in good faith, ultimately resulting in a final settlement of $361,000. 


To date, HailSolve has added  $788,707 of value to Dahlem's portfolio.

Dahlem Center
Dahlem Center

Dahlem Center
Dahlem Center

Dahlem Center
Dahlem Center

Dahlem Center
Dahlem Center


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