The first step in identifying whether or not a client's portfolio has been impacted by latent hail damage

Understanding The Risk

The Desktop Review is a client's first step into knowing whether or not their portfolio faces significant risk for latent hail damage.  During this process, HailSolve will a review a portfolio and attach a risk-level to each property.  HailSolve will then either recommend an onsite analysis or to enroll the portfolio into the Monitoring Program.

  • Informs client of risk level their portfolio faces for latent hail damage

  • Provides pathway to next steps if an asset has been damaged

  • Complimentary Service


New Client

Investors who have never worked with HailSolve before often start here

Uncertain Risk

Investors uncertain if their portfolio has been impacted by latent hail damage


Investors unfamiliar with the level of hail events in their portfolio area


Investors wanting to increase working capital and portfolio value

Discuss Desktop Review With HailSolve

A HailSolve Representative will address common questions, discuss client objectives, and suggest a course of action.


The Desktop Review is created using state-of-the-art weather technologies.  HailSolve's Risk Management team will also leverage historical weather data and radar forecasting models to create a risk profile for each property.  This process provides peace of mind and clear next steps on how investors can best protect their portfolio from latent hail damage.  

Desktop-Risk-Review - EXAMPLE.png
Receive a Desktop Review

Request a complimentary portfolio review for latent hail damage risk.  HailSolve's team of specialists will utilize state-of-art technologies and processes to deliver a custom review that will recommend which assets should receive further investigation.