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If There Is Hail Damage, HailSolve Will Find It.

The consequences of undetected hail damage create unexpected expenses and hassle for commercial property owners. With IRIS by HailSolve, our proprietary weather technology, we can identify commercial real estate portfolios that have an elevated risk of hail damage. If we find that the building envelope is at risk, our trained experts will perform in-depth, on-site inspections to determine the true extent of the damage.


Step 1

Hail Analytics

IRIS by HailSolve conducts detailed analyses based on your property’s unique location and historic exposure to hail events.We base our assessments on three indicators to determine the potential for damage.


Once IRIS captures unique portfolio characteristics, it gathers insights from past weather data to identify the most likely hail event to have damaged your property.

of Hail

IRIS aggregates multiple weather data sources to determine if a property is at risk and what size hail impacted the location.

Property Vulnerability

IRIS evaluates building vulnerability to hail damage based on roof type, age, hail size, and other factors.

Here are the three main variables we'll use to determine your potential for damage:


Step 2

On-Site Inspections

The second step to identify potential hail damage and verify damage to a building envelope is the on-site inspection from one of HailSove’s trained specialists.


Based on the Risk Report analytics, HailSolve inspectors conduct in-depth, in-person analyses to identify the existence and extent of hail damage for commercial real estate properties with an elevated risk probability.


Discover How Hail Damage Impacts Your Commercial Portfolio.

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