At HailSolve we cultivate long term relationships with our clients to manage assets from acquisition to disposition.  In doing so, we naturally have multiple interactions with other organizations that serve our clients, especially insurance professionals.

"HailSolve Risk Management provides a collaborative approach with our partners in the Insurance Industry.  Our Risk Managers have nearly 50 years of combined experience as insurance professionals before joining our team.  We intimately understand the claim process from both perspectives and work to make things clear and easy."  - Adam Milfort, Director of Risk Management

We strive to document the full extent of hail damage that is commonly overlooked or misunderstood by a Contractor with less expertise.  

Expert Data

We engage the same industry respected experts that Insurance Carriers hire for engineering, consulting, and weather data to document and support our findings.

Mutual Respect

Our business model does not include commission based pay or storm chasing behavior.  This removes negative motives and emotion from our interaction with consultants, experts, and adjusters.  We pride ourselves on a win/win outcome by maintaining cooperation and clear lines of communication with all invested parties. 

World Class Tools

We utilize Xactimate to thoroughly estimate each project.  Because we commit ourselves to using the industry standard estimating system, we are able to seamlessly reach agreement on the scope and amount of damage.  

Quality Presentation

On large and complex projects we employ a detailed hand measured Roof CAD from a third party.  This is more accurate than aerial measuring that may over/under estimate measurements and does not account for accessories and equipment.  By using an unbiased third party consulting firm for the drawing, we avoid disagreement on measurements/scope.