Client Hires HailSolve, Receives $1.2 Million Settlement


Industrial Services of America 

Todd Phillips, President & CEO


ISA is a publicly traded waste and recycling company with five locations across Kentucky and Indiana.

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ISA had used four different carriers over the span of five years.  This situation made investigating the date of loss on their seven damaged assets difficult and required an expert like HailSolve to manage.   


Despite the client using four separate carriers over the course of five years, HailSolve was able to accurately identify the date of loss and the responsible carrier.  

HailSolve added $1.23 million 

of value to the client's portfolio.

HailSolve's Construction Management team designed a solution that met the client's goals to restore this property. 

Property Details

Asset: ISA Main Facility
Location: Louisville, KY
Date of loss: May 02, 2012
Hail size: 1.75"
Roof type: PVC, Spray Foam, TPO, Bitumen
Settlement: $1,231,285
Date of Settlement: April 2017

HailSolve was hired by ISA to evaluate their Louisville, KY assets for latent hail damage.  Damage was discovered on seven of the thirteen assets that were analyzed. 


HailSolve proceeded with investigating the date of loss and learned that ISA had used four different carriers over the span of five years.  The identified date of loss was a hail event on March 2, 2012, which was three carriers prior to ISA’s current carrier. The carrier who's policy was in effect on the date-of-loss hired a team to adjudicate the loss.  HailSolve immediately assembled a team as well.  An onsite meeting was scheduled between the carrier's claim team and HailSolve's team. While many discrepancies around the scope and value remained, the carrier agreed to $571,395 of undisputed losses.  


With less than 50% of what they believed was a covered loss, HailSolve created a strategy to overcome the discrepancies.  Because the dispute was based on scope of loss and value of loss, HailSolve determined, in conjunction with its team, that an appraisal was the best pathway forward.  Appraisal is defined as a structured process in which a trained professional determines the value of a commercial property, assesses the damage, and works with the insurer's appraiser to find an impartial third party (sometimes called an umpire) to agree on a settlement.  


Through appraisal, the verdict obtained by HailSolve was for the carrier to pay an additional $659,890 bringing the total settlement to $1.23 million.  

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