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HailSolve Confirms Date Of Loss, Client Receives $303,252 Settlement


NDI Development

Suzie Chapin, Operations Manager


NDI Development is a real estate development, brokerage, and management company specializing in shopping centers in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area.  NDI has been in business for eighteen years and currently owns more than twenty plazas and shopping centers in the area.

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HailSolve identified latent hail damage on client's asset and a claim was filed.  The carrier denied the claim based on both the scope of loss and date of loss. 


HailSolve's team of experts were able to overcome carrier's denial of both scope of loss and date of loss, resulting in settlement.  

HailSolve added $303,252

of value to the client's portfolio.

HailSolve's Construction Management team designed a solution that met the client's goals

to restore this property.  

Property Details

Asset: Flint River
Location: Jonesboro, GA
Date of loss: May 25, 2015
Hail size: 1"
Roof type: EPDM
Settlement: $303,252
Date of Settlement: April 2017

In February 2017, HailSolve inspected NDI's Flint River location and found latent hail damage.  The carrier met with HailSolve onsite and denied the claim stating no damage was found. Further, the carrier asserted that that no hail activity had occurred during their policy period.


To dispute the carrier's position, HailSolve assembled a team of third party experts including a forensic engineer and meteorologist.  The forensic engineer agreed that the roof was indeed damaged and needed replacement.  The meteorologist concluded that three hail events had occurred since 2015, with one on May 22, 2015 being the most probable date of loss when compared with HailSolve's findings.  


Following these new revelations the carrier agreed to a loss of $303,252.  To date, HailSolve has added close to $1,426,000 of value to NDI's portfolio.

“HailSolve makes the frustrating process of successfully managing insurance claims smooth and easy”-Suzie Chapin, Operations Manager
NDI Development
NDI Development

NDI Development
NDI Development

NDI Development
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NDI Development
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