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Client Interview: Dan York of Dahlem Company

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Dan York, Controller of Dahlem Company was kind enough to recently offer feedback on his organization's experience working with HailSolve.

1. How did HailSolve increase your awareness and knowledge of latent hail damage? Was this something you were familiar with before working with them?

"While vaguely familiar with hail damage, the team at HailSolve really opened my eyes to just how severe of an issue it can be for investors. They walked me through their entire process, even showing me examples of latent hail damage on our own roofs, which was very helpful."

2. Were you initially skeptical of HailSolve’s offering? What was your opinion after working with the company?

"At first I was very skeptical of their offering. However, after working with them we could not be happier. They managed everything from start to finish; identifying the damage, dealing with our insurance carriers, and finally installing the new roofs. Their hands-on approach was very refreshing."

"HailSolve was extremely easy to work with, very simple."

3. Did you have any insurance-related concerns? How did HailSolve resolve any insurance-related concerns that you had? Did these concerns come to fruition?

"Our main concern was how the insurance carrier would react to these claims. While our premiums did increase the benefit significantly outweighs the risk. We have two brand new roofs, which makes our portfolio very attractive to other carriers. In fact, we just signed with a new carrier for the exact premium we were paying before the claims."

4. During the restoration process, how easy was it to work with HailSolve? What was the experience of them communicating with your team, tenants, carriers, and other parties?

"HailSolve was extremely easy to work with, very simple. They kept in constant contact with us and our tenants. If there were any delays caused by supplies or weather they would reach out to tenants onsite and explain the issue. HailSolve did an amazing job of alleviating tenant frustrations and unnecessary phone calls to our offices."

5. How much work was required of you and your team?

"Very little."

Total value created for client to date: $788,707

6. Summarize your level of satisfaction with HailSolve after the work was completed (settlement amount, restoration of building etc.). How did their services benefit your organization and portfolio?

"We are 100% satisfied with the end result. It was well worth it. The effort they put forth in identifying the issue, understanding our policies, helping us file the claim, reaching a settlement, and completing the work required very little work on our end. This allowed us to focus on the day-to-day operations instead of managing the process."

7. What would you say to other investors considering working with HailSolve?

"I would encourage investors to have them review their portfolio. They really have nothing to lose and a lot to gain."

Case Study: Dahlem Company

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About Dan

Dan York graduated from Bellarmine University in 2001 with his BA in Accounting. He later earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Bellarmine in 2002. He brings a variety of experience and knowledge to the Dahlem team from public accounting, positions as Chief Financial Officer for two local real estate development firms and most recently as a Vice President of a regional bank specializing in mergers and acquisitions. Dan joined Dahlem as its Controller in 2013, and is active in the oversight of the financial operation of the company, including acquisitions and dispositions.

About Dahlem

The Dahlem Company is a third generation family business based in Louisville, Kentucky. At the helm of the Dahlem Company are Charlie and Jim Dahlem.

Through subsidiaries, Dahlem Enterprises and Dahlem Realty Company, Dahlem is actively involved in the acquisition, development, leasing and management of retail shopping centers and office space in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia.

Dahlem’s founding objective is to deliver unparalleled brokerage, leasing and management services to its clients. This commitment is met by exceeding client and tenant expectations and maintaining strong, long-term relationships.

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