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Client Interview: Lewis Agnew of Charles Hawkins Co.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Charles Hawkins Company

Lewis Agnew, President of Charles Hawkins, Co. was kind enough to offer feedback on his organization's experience working with HailSolve.

1. How did HailSolve increase your awareness and knowledge of latent hail damage? Was this something you were familiar with before working with them?

"We had a roof that was leaking, and we couldn’t figure out the cause of it. After thermal scans and multiple roofers inspected the roof, HailSolve was able to solve the problem."

2. Were you initially skeptical of HailSolve’s offering? What was your opinion after working with the company?

"Yes, we were worried that filing claims for older hail damage would give us problems in the future with our annual insurance renewal, but after we went through both of those processes, we found that there were no problems."

"They communicated well with our property managers and with our tenants, and all the projects were successful.."

3. During the restoration process, how easy was it to work with HailSolve? What was the experience of them communicating with your team, tenants, carriers, and other parties?

"HailSolve was very easy to work with. They communicated well with our property managers and with our tenants, and all the projects were successful."

4. How much work was required of you and your team?

"Very little."

Total Value Created For Client To Date: $8,325,500

5. Summarize your level of satisfaction with HailSolve after the work was completed (settlement amount, restoration of building etc.). How did their services benefit your organization and portfolio?

"We were very pleased with the professionalism, support, and results of our experience with HailSolve."

6. What would you say to other investors considering working with HailSolve?

"They do what they say they are going to do, and they know what they are talking about."

About Lewis

Mr. Agnew joined the Charles Hawkins Co. as a broker in 2012 and served as Asset Manager and COO from 2013 until 2016 when he was named President. As President, he has two primary focuses. First, he is dedicated to maintaining, improving, and growing the brokerage services and property management department of the company. Secondly, his responsibilities also include the oversight of a $500,000,000 portfolio of commercial real estate that totals approximately 8,500,000 square feet. In this capacity, he is focused on maintaining and growing this portfolio through acquisitions and development.

About Charles Hawkins, Co.

Standing on the values of integrity, stability and tenacity on behalf of our team and our clients, Charles Hawkins Co. is the leading independent real estate firm in Nashville, offering a full range of brokerage, property and asset management services.

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