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Client Interview: Tony Taylor of Crest Commercial Realty

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Charles Hawkins Company

Tony Taylor, Partner at Crest Commercial Realty, based in Dayton, Ohio, recently provided us with feedback on his experience working with HailSolve.

1. How did HailSolve increase your awareness and knowledge of latent hail damage? Was this something you were familiar with before working with them?

"At no charge to us, HailSolve inspected our roofs and found hail damage that was certainly there but that we were not aware of and did not understand its potential long term negative effects. It was a very valuable lesson HailSolve provided - and it cost us nothing."

2. Were you initially skeptical of HailSolve’s offering? What was your opinion after working with the company?

"Yes, I was initially skeptical but after HailSolve's work and professional presentation, I became a believer in their work."

"It was a very valuable lesson HailSolve provided and it cost us nothing."

3. Did you have any insurance related concerns? How did HailSolve resolve them?

"No, I did not have any insurance related concerns. Frankly, the insurance carrier was easy to work with throughout the process."

4. During the restoration process, how easy was it to work with HailSolve? What was the experience like of them communicating with your team, tenants, carriers, and other parties?

"HailSolve was very easy to work with. Their communication was excellent and they were always professional and friendly."

5. How much work was required of you and your team?

"Not much. HailSolve handled the great majority of the work, allowing our team to focus on our day-to-day business."

Total Value Created For Client To Date: $990,189.71

6. Summarize your level of satisfaction with HailSolve after the work was completed (settlement amount, restoration of building etc.). How did their services benefit your organization and portfolio?

"We were completely satisfied with HailSolve. I would grade them 'A' on the entire process. Our organization benefited with two new roofs at no expense to us other than the deductible."

7. What would you say to other investors considering working with HailSolve?

"I would encourage investors to have HailSolve review their assets. They did great work for us."

About Crest Commercial Realty

Crest Commercial Realty, based in Dayton Ohio, is a commercial real estate company that has developed, managed, bought, sold and leased more than 10 million square feet of commercial property in Greater Dayton and throughout the Midwest.

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