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Client News: HailSolve's Findings Create Big Value For CRE Investors

The firm's latent hail specialists recently proved $7.5 million worth of latent hail damage on seven retail and industrial real estate assets across the midwest and south.


  • HailSolve recently identified more than $7.5 million of hail damage on client assets

  • Damage was identified across seven assets between six clients

  • Assets were a mix of industrial and retail

  • HailSolve leveraged their forensic, technological, and engineering expertise to prove the damage, helping the client to restore their assets

  • The clients benefited by increasing capital on hand, overall asset value, and mitigating organizational risk

Nashville, TN - September 23, 2020 - HailSolve's forensic expertise once again benefited its commercial real estate clients, this time in five states across the midwest and south. The firm confirmed latent hail damage on buildings ranging in size from 30,000 to 240,000 square feet in Kentucky, Illinois, Texas, Iowa, and Kansas.

The asset owners include a national shopping center developer, a 40-year leading developer of industrial assets, and a full service commercial real estate company with a portfolio of over 40 million square feet.

These recent client successes are one of many for the firm, who is having a record breaking year.

"We're thankful for our clients and the opportunity to serve them," says HailSolve Executive Vice President, Michael Lott. "While unique, our solutions can deliver incredible value for commercial real estate investors. We can forensically assess an asset for latent hail damage dating back 10 years. If damage is proven and a settlement is reached it can be a significant value add that can make a deal more attractive, free up cap ex reserves, among other benefits."

The firm also assists with claim preparation, negotiations, and restoration.

About HailSolve:

HailSolve is a risk mitigation firm that helps commercial real estate investors leverage hail damage to increase working capital and overall portfolio value. The firm currently monitors over 350 million square feet of real estate across the United States and works primarily with portfolios consisting of industrial, retail, and office assets.


Call 888.498.4245 or send a message to have HailSolve's team of advisors conduct a virtual review of your portfolio for hail-risk. This process will help to identify at risk assets and offers strategies to leverage existing damage to increase working capital and overall property value.

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