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[Real Estate Investors] Did You Know?

Updated: May 13, 2020

This video explains the risk of hail damage to investors and how to begin minimizing that risk by partnering with HailSolve.

To receive a complimentary Desktop Review of your portfolio simply message us and a HailSolve representative will contact you to begin the process.

Video Transcription:

“Commercial Real Estate Investors,

Did you know that on average, the United States experiences $15 billion of hail damage a year and recent reports show that with changing weather patterns, that number is only going to increase.

For investors, hail damage can tie up capital, decrease cash flow, and create tenant frustrations.

And What may be most troubling about hail damage is that much of it is never properly identified. This type of hail damage, called latent hail damage, takes time to reveal itself, creating issues that appear without notice. In fact, you may have hail damage on your assets right now and not even know it.

So now that you have this information, what’s next?

The first step is to conduct a Desktop Review. At HailSolve, our team of in-house weather specialists will use state-of-the art technologies to create a complimentary review of your portfolio. This report considers the type of building construction, age of building components, regional climatology, historical weather data, and population data to determine your hail-risk level.

With this report, you will be able to confidently know whether or not your portfolio is at risk. And if any of your assets are at risk, HailSolve can offer hail-risk mitigation solutions that will restore your portfolio and can increase cash flow and property value. HailSolve currently monitors 250 million square feet of commercial real estate and works with clients that have both regional and national portfolios.”

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