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HailSolve Announces Record 2020 Growth

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

National hail-risk management firm adds 50,000,000 square feet of commercial real estate to client list driven by new solutions, investors' need for enhanced liquidity, and Mother Nature.

Nashville, TN - August 1, 2020 - HailSolve, the leader in hail-risk management for commercial real estate investors today announced significant growth fueled by the firm’s expanding client offerings, weather trends, and the coronavirus pandemic. Over the past six months the firm's monitored assets has grown by 50 million square feet.

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in uncertainty among those in commercial real estate. Many lenders are placing stricter requirements on borrowers. This has resulted in many investors thinking “outside the box” and searching for unique ways to quickly mitigate risk, protect reserves, and increase cash-on-hand.

In addition to real estate concerns, hail activity trends continue to increase. Since 2008, hail activity is on the rise across the United States with some years totaling $15 to $20 billion dollars of damage.

Both the disruption in real estate and the impact of severe weather has led investors to HailSolve. The firm helps clients identify and restore latent hail damage on current and future investments and currently works with over 350 million square feet of real estate. HailSolve's turnkey process focuses around risk management services and construction restoration. The result for clients is a stronger portfolio, higher asset value, protected reserves, and the mitigation of future maintenance issues.

HailSolve is also experiencing growth as a result of their monitoring program, a new proprietary in-house software that offers clients 24/7 monitoring of their portfolio for future hail events. When an asset has been impacted and a client approves, HailSolve then takes action to begin restoring the damaged asset(s) to pre-storm condition.

“We are just scratching the surface of this market’s need for our type of solution. Hail activity is on the rise. Real estate is experiencing a great deal of disruption. This is a perfect time for HailSolve to capitalize on our momentum, grow our client base, and continue delivering incredible results for investors,” said Executive Vice President Michael Lott.

About HailSolve:

HailSolve is a risk mitigation firm that helps commercial real estate investors leverage hail damage to increase working capital and overall portfolio value. The firm currently monitors over 350 million square feet of real estate across the United States and works primarily with portfolios consisting of industrial, retail, and office assets.

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Call 888.498.4245 or send a message to have HailSolve's team of advisors conduct a review of your portfolio for hail-risk. This process will help to identify at risk assets and offers strategies to leverage existing damage to increase working capital and overall property value.

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