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One Solution for Multiple Properties. 

Preserve commercial real estate assets with HailSolve’s comprehensive protection program. It’s trustworthy protection day or night, all year long.

Reliable, Remote Monitoring for Asset Protection

Powered by proprietary algorithms and a profile customized to unique property characteristics, HailSolve’s exclusive monitoring sends alerts when an asset is at risk for prior or recent hail damage, without the false alarms of generic programs.

Access to IRIS
by HailSolve

View detailed hail data around the clock with HailSolve’s proprietary, AI-driven weather event analyzation technology.

Custom Hail
Event Monitoring

HailSolve tracks hail swath in real-time, equipping property owners with intel on potential damage as soon as it happens.

Complimentary Analytics and On-site Inspections

Learn the extent of possible damage and estimated loss value with a detailed report and in-person examination by a trained professional.

Our clients benefit from:

Get protection for commercial real estate portfolios with HailSolve today

What Our Clients Say

steve horrell.jpeg

Steve Horrell, Horrell Company

"I can't say enough good things about our experience with HailSolve. They managed the entire process, guiding us through every step. Our total settlement was over $1.2 million dollars."


Proactively Protect Real Estate Investments.

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