Ensures that investors are adequately protected from the negative effects of latent hail damage

First Line Of Defense

The Protection Assessment is the first line of defense in protecting a portfolio from hail damage.  HailSolve's risk management experts will analyze a client's property history, roof age and composition, building valuation, prior repairs, and business processes as they relate to hail risk. This solution also evaluates:

  • Available limits

  • Extra expense

  • Code upgrade

  • Co-insurance

  • Special deductibles

  • Cosmetic exclusions



Investors desiring to understand hail risk mitigation and coverage 


Investors desiring to leverage existing programs to mitigate hail risk


Investors unfamiliar with the level of hail events in their portfolio area


Investors wanting to increase working capital and portfolio value

Discuss Protection Assessment With HailSolve

A HailSolve Representative will address common questions, discuss client objectives, and suggest a course of action.


Some insurance policies have exclusions or limitations for certain types of damage cause by wind and hail.


A common misconception held by many policy holders and agents is that policies always cover damage to siding, roofing, architectural features, HVAC, and other structural components.  Unfortunately, this is false.  These situations can lead to significant reductions in the value of a building and/or a large out-of-pocket expense to make necessary repairs. 


HailSolve can help clients avoid the negative affects of these types of situations.

Desktop-Risk-Review - EXAMPLE.png
Receive a Desktop Review

Request a complimentary portfolio review for latent hail damage risk.  HailSolve's team of specialists will utilize state-of-art technologies and processes to deliver a custom review that will recommend which assets should receive further investigation.

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